Is the idea of birds roosting on your antenna making you anything but chirpy?

Geoff from Jim’s Antennas Greensborough recently installed a bird deterrent on a brand new Match Master DC21V for a home in Kilmore.

Jeff’s client was not only tired of having to clean bird poo from his roof and footpath, but the birds had also broken elements of his antenna, affecting his TV signal and reception!

When completing this job Geoff fixed UV stabilised poly carbonate bird spikes directly to his client’s antenna. These spikes work by reducing the area of the antenna which birds are able to land on.  In addition to being functional, bird spikes also take the aesthetics of your home into account. The spikes are clear, making them difficult to see when they’re up on the roof.

Most importantly, there’s no need to worry that bird spikes will harm your friendly local cockies, pigeons, magpies or any other bird for that matter. They are designed so that birds are unable to land on them, rather than to ‘spike’ or harm birds.

Once Geoff had installed this antenna, his client noticed an enormous improvement in their TV reception. Now, they are able to receive all channels and enjoy crystal clear TV reception and sound quality. Not only that, but Geoff’s client no longer has to fret about cleaning up the mess the birds made around his home.

Are birds causing you trouble? Here at Jim’s Digital we’ll have you (and them) back singing in no time. Contact us on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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