The Ultimate Entertainment Room

Do you wish you could have movie nights every Friday, but at home? If yes, you will be happy to know that at Jim’s Antennas we can make this happen. Our team of experts specialise in setting up surround sound, mounting TV and projectors, as well as speakers and custom wall plates.

In fact, only recently, Michael from Jim’s Antennas & Security South Morang, mounted a 75” TV to the wall for the whole family to enjoy, whilst they make pizzas (in their commercial pizza oven!).

If you would love to have your TV mounted to the wall, but were worried that it might be too heavy or you are not sure of which bracket to buy, then it’s always best to call on the experts.

At Jim’s Antennas our technicians will mount your screen neatly and professionally, giving you peace of mind that it is secure and safe; particularly important if you have young children in the home. They can also advise you on which bracket is best for your TV and wall, particularly as there are so many different types of brackets from flush wall mount to swivel to ceiling mounted. We can also mount your TV speakers and sound bars properly so that you receive the best sound quality possible.

You can also enjoy your outdoor area this summer watching your favourite movies or TV shows. To find out more and to arrange your free onsite quote with your local Jim’s Antennas Franchisee call 131 546 or book here.

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