4G Interference from Mobile Phone Tower: Charter Boat Reception Issues

4G interference can wreak havoc with TV reception and is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. Mark from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum was recently requested by a client to investigate a television reception issue on a client’s charter fishing vessel at Manly boat harbour.

The client’s TV reception became very poor when moored at the boat harbour and improved when the vessel was away from the mooring.

All Jim’s Antenna technicians are taught diagnostic fault finding as well as holding industry qualifications and Mark applied these to investigate.

Mark quickly determined that the fault was from 4G interference, due to a new mobile phone tower commissioned at the harbour which was affecting vessels that didn’t have a mobile phone LTE signal filter installed.

The correct 4G LTE filter was installed and tested to confirm the issue was resolved. The client has since reported that the issue is fixed and is enjoying the cricket season regardless of being docked or on Moreton bay fishing.

Thanks to Mark from Jim’s Antennas.

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