Jim’s Antennas Supports the Royal Children’s Hospital

This Wednesday the Baby Emma Foundation, founded by Jim’s Antenna’s Divisional Manager Andrew Parke and his wife Sarah, will donate a fridge to a young family based in Hastings with a seriously ill child. 11 year old Caleb is one of three boys, and has complex medical and disability needs. His mother Lynn, is a single mum, and cares for Caleb full time.

Andrew says “When the request came through for a new fridge for the family, the Baby Emma Foundation was very pleased to be able to step in and assist.”

On finding out that Caleb’s birthday is coming up, the Foundation decided to surprise the family with a brand new large screen TV as well as the fridge.

The Baby Emma Foundation was established in 2004 by Andrew and Sarah Parke in honour of their baby daughter Emma Rose. Funds for the foundation are raised by Jim’s Antennas Franchisees and their suppliers each year at the Jim’s Antennas National conference, the foundation would not be able to carry on the great work it does in the community without the support of both Franchisees and Suppliers

Through the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, the foundation supports parents and siblings affected by the illness or loss of a child.

“Following the loss of our baby daughter Emma Rose, we wanted to show our support to the Royal Children’s Hospital, who had been such a support to us during that time.”

It is this sort of philanthropy that comes from the heart, which shows businesses can make a difference in their own way.


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