How You Can Continue Watching Christian TV with the Decommisioning of the Optus D2 Satellite

With the Optus D2 satellite being decommissioned, many of you may be searching for ways to continue watching the Christian channels, with broadcasters shifting to other platforms such as VAST. Here are a couple of solutions for you to keep streaming despite the disruption.

In terms of changing satellites, Christian TV is shifting from the Optus D2 satellite to Intelsat 19 and Optus D3. Intelsat 19 has less of your favourite channels. However, whilst the Optus D3 satellite does offer a wider range of original programs compared to Optus D2, to stream Christian TV, a government approved VAST box needs to be purchased. To purchase this, you also need initial approval through the mysattv website for ABC and SBS.

Another arguably superior alternative is using streaming services. For example, Hope Channel is one of the more popular Christian TV channels, transitioning from satellite through the D2 satellite to VAST (including 3ABN), and streaming channels such as FaithStream and AmazonFire. The streaming option allows you to access Christian TV whenever you want, and also provides a wider range of content than satellite services.

An important detail to consider is the quality of your WiFi, as this is essential to a seamless viewing experience. Ensure that your internet service is reliable and has a high speed (min 5MB/s for high definition), and that it has enough download available for your viewing needs.

FaithStream is offering free streaming services through their streaming box, for a one off purchase of the streaming box, viewers have access to:

  • Over 100 English speaking channels
  • 100+ international channels
  • Children’s channels, etc.

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