Can You Install an Antenna Yourself?

You should not attempt to install your own antenna, and this is why. In DIY instances, you risk having to pay much more than what you would have had to pay originally if you had opted for professional installation. This is due to issues such as purchasing incorrect equipment, having the wrong tools for the job and improper installation due to a lack of expertise and experience, which can all cause  damage to  an existing system in an attempt to fix it. Essentially, DIY antenna installation can be a safety risk, and may cause more harm to your new system or roofing, and you have no warranty period in case it becomes faulty. 

Here at Jim’s Antennas we offer a minimum warranty period of 1 year on all products and installation. Our team takes pride in ensuring that each and every customer is satisfied with our work and to top it off –  all work is also backed by the Jim’s Group Guarantee

A professional installation will ensure you have the right antenna and supporting equipment for a picture perfect signal. Our franchisees use state of the art signal meters to determine the best placement and height  for your TV Antenna reducing interference from outside influences such as 4G which can cause pixelation and loss of signal. We also only use Digital compliant connectors and fittings to ensure minimum signal loss and interference. 

Why DIY when you can have Australia’s 1 rated Antenna installation company do the job for you!

For more information, read our article on ‘Why You Should Always Have Your Antenna Professionally Installed’.

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