Yep, it’s frustrating when your TV starts pixelating or even worse when you start to lose channels, and why does it always have to happen during a crucial moment? Either way, it’s annoying, but thankfully it can be fixed. There could be many reasons as to why you are experiencing these issues, such as cabling, splitters, connectors, amplifiers, old analogue antenna or incorrect installation.

But before you call the experts why not try the following below:

  • Ensure your TV and power cables are connected to the wall sockets as well as the TV
  • Try and perform an auto or manual scan for TV Channels (refer back to your TV’s owner manual)
  • If you do have an amplifier in your system ensure the power supply is plugged in and turned on

If you are still have issues, or just don’t have the time to go through the check list, we recommend you call your local expert at Jim’s Antennas. Your local technician will do a full assessment of your current antenna system and will diagnose any reception problems using specialised equipment. If you require a new antenna, you will be provided with a free onsite quote. In most circumstances our technician is able to fix the problem for you on that very same day – it means you’ll be enjoying your favourite TV shows with perfect picture clarity and no more annoying drop outs.

Only recently, Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton had a customer who was experiencing pixelation issues and loss of TV channels. After testing the TV wall points in the house, Luke found that the signal strength and quality was very low which was causing the pixelation issues and loss of channels. Luke inspected the existing antenna and found very old analogue antennas that were no longer operating correctly.

A new digital antenna was installed on a new uni-mount in the best position for signal on the roof. The customer was also after some additional TV wall points to be installed so a new digital amplifier was also installed at the antenna to ensure there was sufficient signal to power the existing and new TV wall points in the house. The old analogue antennas and mount were also removed.  

Whether your antenna needs to be repaired or replaced, at Jim’s Antennas we are the experts to call. To arrange your free onsite quote call 131 546 or book here today.

To request a quote or booking, please click the button below to fill out the form below and your local franchisee will be in touch with you shortly.

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