Is it time to upgrade your TV that is mounted to the wall? Or maybe you already have purchased a new TV but are unsure if you can use the existing TV bracket? If this sounds like you, you will be happy to know that you can use your existing TV bracket, as long as it is compatible with your new TV. Not only is this cost effective but is also better for the environment.

Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton had previously mounted a TV a number of years ago for a customer. Their old TV had stopped working and they wanted it replaced with a new TV. The old TV was removed from the wall and the new TV was mounted using the existing TV bracket. The sound bar, Foxtel box and Blu-ray player were also reconnected to the new TV.

However, if your new TV isn’t compatible, no need to panic, as our experts are here to recommend which one is the right one for your TV and room. There are so many different types of brackets from flush wall mount to swivel to ceiling mounted it’s best to speak with your local expert first for optimum placement and the best bracket to suit your needs, and room size.

Jim’s Antennas can supply and install different sizes of TV mounting brackets for all sizes and brands of TVs to fit your installation requirements.

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If your new TV is compatible you can use your existing TV bracket.

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