If you have just bought a new TV or you are thinking of having your current one mounted to the wall, then we highly recommend you have a professional do this for you. We understand the excitement of buying a new TV and wanting to set it up immediately but by having a professional wall mount your TV, you are preventing:

  • Damage to your TV – imagine dropping your TV and damaging or breaking it.
  • Damage to your wall
  • Damage to yourself – there a number of ways you could end up injuring or hurting yourself.

It is definitely not worth the risk! Call your local Jim’s Antennas expert instead. In fact, only recently Steve from Jim’s Antennas Heathmont, recently installed and wall mounted a 65” TV for a customer. He also connected the TV to the customers WiFi, so that it was ready to stream.

Call us on 131 546 at Jim’s Antennas or book online here and we can professionally install your screen onto your wall and even hide all those messy cables. Our technicians will mount your screen neatly and professionally, giving you peace of mind that it is secure and safe; particularly important if you have young children in the home.

Don’t risk damaging your TV, or even worse you. Call 131 546 to book in your free onsite quote with a Jim’s Antennas expert instead.

To request a quote or booking, please click the button below to fill out the form below and your local franchisee will be in touch with you shortly.

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