If you currently have a room that feels crowded, is small and dark – then why not consider mounting your TV to the wall?  By doing so, it removes the need for an entertainment cabinet making the room so much bigger (it can create more light and style as well – yes please!). It’s also a safer option if you have a household that includes pets and kids. 

And honestly, we just can’t go past a good looking TV wall mount – here is one courtesy of Steve from Jim’s Antennas Heathmont. He mounted this 86” to the wall for a customer in Mulgrave. He made sure that the power, HDMI and Ethernet cables were hidden in the wall.

If you are now considering TV mounting we do recommend hiring a professional to install and wall hang your TV, because things can go horribly wrong in inexperienced hands, resulting in damage to your TV, walls, electrical cables and often people! An added bonus? We can also mount your speakers and sound bars properly so that you receive the best sound quality possible. In fact, Jim’s Antennas Installation Technicians are experts in Home Theatre Set Up and Installation and can carry out the tasking job of your home theatre set-up.

So, if you would like to mount your TV to the wall, leave it to the experts, and call 131 546. Or book a free onsite no obligation quote.
TV Mounting can create more space and style.

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