DIY Damage Repair to Antenna System in Northern Victoria

When it comes to Antenna installations DIY can appear to be a tempting cost-effective solution. However, here at Jim’s we’ve seen quite a few DIY-don’ts that often end up in clients paying for a lot more than professional installation. These mistakes are commonly a result of purchasing incorrect equipment, or damaging an existing system in an attempt to fix it. 

Last week, Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton received a call from a distressed client who had only just moved into their new home but wasn’t able to receive all TV channels, and had been experiencing severe pixellation. After hearing about his client’s unfortunate experience, Luke was quick to arrive onsite to fix this issue. 

Once at the home, the problem stuck out like a sore thumb. Luke found that the previous owner had zip-tied an entire antenna onto the evaporative air-con unit and that the antenna was also the incorrect type for the area. 

With an incorrect, unsecured antenna placed in a poor position – it’s no wonder his client had experienced poor reception and missing channels!

After removing the existing antenna, and installing the new antenna on a suitable tin-roof mount. Luke also added a 4G shielded digital amplifier to boost signal strength, and prevent mobile signal interference.  

Now Luke’s client can finally watch any channel they like, and enjoy a high resolution TV picture from the comfort of their new home. 

Some things are best left to the professionals. An expert antenna installer will possess important and situation-specific knowledge, that is commonly overlooked by those completing a DIY job. For example: 

  • which antenna, and mount are most suitable for you area/home 
  • how to effectively position your antenna (best location and direction, where signal strength is strongest)
  • and whether any additional attachments are required (e.g. 4G shielded digital amplifier)

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