Why is my TV Reception breaking up?

Why is my TV reception breaking up?

Your TV picture freezing or breaking up can be caused by a variety of different things.

Digital TV Antenna, This might be because you have an older style analogue antenna or there could be local interference caused by external factors such as; tall buildings, hills and valleys, trees and 4G / LTE. You may also have limited or intermittent coverage at your address due to the location of the antenna on your roof. A new Digital Antenna must be located where it can receive the best available signal, this will avoid your TV reception from breaking up.

Electrical appliances, many electrical appliances can cause interference of the FTA TV signal.

Electrical appliances that may cause interference include garage doors, LED lights Fridges etc .. this can be due to poor quality cabling and connectors.

Cable quality, It may be a cabling issue, i.e. you may have older cables not capable of transferring a good quality signal from the antenna to the TV. Digital Compliant cable is RG6 Quad shielded (referring to 4 layers of shielding against electrical interference) for better transfer of signal and protection from all types of electrical interference.

Connections, your cable connections may be faulty, older connections are “saddle and screw” which compresses the cable reducing performance.

Splitter, splitters may also be older saddle and screw type and may need to be upgraded to compression type.

Amplifier, if you are in a low signal area you may have or need a masthead amplifier / booster, new digital amplifiers also have 4G LTE filters built in. If these aren’t plugged in or the power supply has failed, they will reduce your signal leading to your TV Reception breaking up.

Weather, signal strength and quality are reduced by poor weather, especially high wind and heavy rain, if your signal is already low it may drop below the “cut off’  threshold in these conditions. In Australia the minimum standard for adequate digital TV reception is 45dB.

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