Mobile Interference on Digital TV

You’re all set for a big night in front of the TV – the popcorn is popped and your in comfy lounge attire. You switch on the TV – and what – where is all this pixelation coming from – my TV worked perfectly yesterday!

Unfortunately with the roll out of 4G across Australia, a lot of people are now having issues with their Digital TV Reception that they weren’t experiencing in the past.

What is 4G (also referred to as LTE or Long Term Evolution) and why does it interfere with my Digital TV Reception?

4G as defined in wikipedia “is the fourth generation of cell phone mobile communications standards. It is a successor to the third generation (3G) standards. A 4G system provides mobile “ultra-broadband” Internet access.[1] Major Australian telecommunications companies (telcos), and most resellers that use one of these major telcos, have been rolling out and continuing to upgrade 4G since 2011/2012″

According to  only 4G broadcast masts that operate at 800MHz will affect your digital tv reception – also commonly referred to as Freeview in Australia.

So how do I know if 4G is affecting my digital tv reception and what can I do about?

If you’re experiencing poor TV picture, pixelation or picture break up – it’s best to get in the experts who can diagnose your issue using their field strength meters. If the interference is caused by 4G – the fix is relatively simple – either a new Digital TV Antenna with an inbuilt 4G filter (also referred to as an LTE filter) or simply adding a 4G / LTE filter to your existing system may also work.

Unfortunately for the end consumer, neither the Telco companies or the Government are fitting the bill for this work as one Melbourne resident found out.

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