Jim’s Antennas Mackay Travels Far And Wide To Help

Graham is Jim’s Antennas Mackay’s local antenna technician but he is often requested to travel far and wide to assist clients with their digital TV needs. One such location is Moranbah, and you will see Graham travel through the town on a regular basis to assist clients.

Problems with TV reception in rural areas are common, but the majority of the digital TV reception issues are due to faulty or poorly installed equipment. On a recent trip to rectify a TV reception issue, Graham found that the antenna, whilst a little on the dated side, was still working. The antenna just needed to be a little higher and a faulty amplifier replaced, which solved the problem.

As a Jim’s Antennas technician Graham has extensive and ongoing training and uses one of the best Field Strength Meters available which allows him to diagnose all digital TV reception problems. So if you live in Nebo, Glenden, Moranbah or Dysart, Jim’s Antennas Mackay can help.

Simply call 1300 733 093 for all your digital TV reception and cabling needs.

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