Quality Australian Made Antenna Installation in St Lucia, Brisbane

Rohan from Jim’s Antennas Aspley always recommends using Australian made antennas for all installations.

Here we see Rohan installing a digital TV aerial in St Lucia, near Brisbane. Rohan insists that quality products that are expertly fitted is the key to a reliable digital TV reception. Rohan states, “When you think about it, an antenna has to suffer the worst the environment can dish out. Sun, weather, pollution, bird droppings – they won’t last forever so it makes sense to choose equipment that is made to a high standard & for Australian conditions”.

At this home in St Lucia Rohan is installing a Matchmaster antenna. Mastermaster stock a number of domestically produced products including digital TV combination antennas, digital TV UHF antennas, digital TV VHF antennas, home theatre equipment, coaxial cable, splitters and amplifiers.

To ensure the correct antenna and antenna related equipment is installed at your home always contact a qualified and trusted Jim’s Antennas technician who will conduct a signal test on your roof before recommending the most suitable equipment.

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