Antenna Install at Hove Caravan Park in Adelaide

Shaun of Jim’s Antennas Hallett Cove was recently confronted with a monumental task which, in consultation with Adelaide franchisor Bill Murdoch, he was able to tackle head on.

The task – remove an old analogue TV antenna from the Hove Caravan Park that serviced all the cabins in the popular tourist location. While this might not sound that challenging, the fact that the antenna was mounted on a 12 metre telescopic mast on top of a two-storey building meant that access was extremely limited and safety was of paramount concern. The solution – hire a 30 metre cherry picker from our friends at Y-Climb Tower Hire. With the assistance of the cherry picker Shaun and Bill replaced the existing TV aerial and amplifier with a new digital TV antenna with high gain capability.

The old cabling was also replaced with new cabling that reduces signal interference. The result – a picture perfect HD digital TV signal to each cabin for the occasions when it’s too cold to head to the beach and the preference is to cosy up in front of the plasma or LCD TV.

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