Jim’s Antennas and Hills a winning combination in South Australia

Jim's Antennas Blackwood & Flagstaff Hill with Hills Antennas

Jim’s Antennas Blackwood & Flagstaff Hill with Hills Antennas

Adrian – Jim’s Antennas (Blackwood) and Simon – Jim’s Antennas (Flagstaff Hill) were recently awarded miniature Black Arrows by Hills for their continued commitment to Hills and their antenna installation products.

Vic Bergamin the South Australian Manager for Hills presented the “Hills Franchisee Awards” at the recent S.A Franchise Meeting. Vic also presented miniature Black Arrows to Billy & Linda and Michael & Margaret to recognise their 10 years with Jim’s Antennas.

Adrian was voted as the number one Jim’s Franchisee for his effort and support for Hills. While Simon came the runner up despite the ongoing trauma he and his family have endured over the last eighteen months with their son, who has been battling serious illness.

Their ten year old son Jed has multiple rare tumours in his abdomen and has lost most of his small intestines due to his operations. Jed has been having chemotherapy treatment for nearly a year now. Jeds strength and courage are an inspiration and we wish him well. Simon would like to say “Thanks to his fellow franchisees for helping out during the real dark times, work related and personal, and for raising money for Jed to buy him a Playstaion and games etc.. that was amazing!!”

Martin – Jim’s Antennas (Valley View) who wrote a beautiful poem about the Black Arrow “Ode to the Black Arrow” has had his poem made into a Tee Shirt, this went under the hammer at the last meeting along with five Black Arrows, kindly donated from Vic. These items were auctioned off and Proceeds went to the Little Heroes Foundation.

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