Why You Need A TV In Your Office.

You would be surprised to know that there are many positives to having a TV in your office. Whether it’s in your reception area or board room it can play an important role.

From providing the perfect background noise (in fact a study has shown that televisions can act as ‘white noise’ and help with concentration and creativity – especially in open planned offices) to team bonding (watching Sporting Events) – which is known to increase productivity, morale, motivation and mental health in the office.

Some offices have also replaced the old ‘white board’ in the meeting room, with televisions, as they find it is much faster and more productive. Gone are the days where you would have to write down your KPIs and goals. Now you can simply connect your laptop to the TV and ‘voilia’.

Once you decide to purchase a television (or multiple – don’t forget the lunch room) it’s best to call on the professionals to have it mounted safely and securely. And, the experts to call are Jim’s Antennas. Not only will they professionally install your TV, but they can also recommend the best TV bracket, that will suit your needs and room size.

At Jim’s Antennas, our team are not just experts, they also enjoy what they do. Troy from Jim’s Antennas & Security Wollert, has mounted many monitors and TVs in offices over the years. Below is just one of the TV’s that he has mounted for an office.

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This 82” TV that Troy was asked to mount looked great above the reception desk.

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