Fixing DAB Radio Reception Problems

The most common problems with radio reception are weak signals or interference. Interference can be caused by anything with an electrical or magnetic current within the home. While weak signal is sometimes due to changing weather patterns.

Why Does My Digital Radio Keep Losing Signal?

If the sound begins to burble or cut out altogether or you have lost a radio station it is probably due to a weakened signal as a result of a network fault or a problem with your equipment or installation.

The first sign of poor-quality signal to your DAB+ Digital Radio will often be audio dropouts or the inability to access one or more channels. If using a portable/tabletop radio, ensure the aerial is full extended and move the radio around your home to see if signal improves.

While digital radio is less likely to experience interference than AM or FM, in the case that you do experience reception issues with your digital radio you should check whether this is being caused by electrical equipment in your home.

You can do this by turning on your radio on and then switching off electrical equipment such as: TV’s, washing machine, LED lights, computers and mobile phones to see if this improves your reception. If the electrical equipment is causing reception problems, there are three possible courses of action: move the equipment, fix the equipment or buy new equipment.

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