Within the last five years a quarter of Australians have reportedly had a package stolen, and with the increased popularity of online shopping over the years, parcel theft has become a pertinent issue. So what can you do to keep your packages and mail safe?

Grant from Jim’s Antennas and Security Kingborough recently installed a Ring security floodlight camera for a client who had experienced issues with his neighbour stealing their mail, and damaging unsecured items on their property. 

This camera is motion activated, saving electricity by only recording when it needs to. Additionally, it has a 140° field-of-view which will let you detect motion around corners and monitor any blind spots. There’s no doubt that built-in floodlights, 2-way talk and a security siren should be enough to keep porch pirates at bay and deter nuisance neighbours. But if these activities persist, CCTV security footage will help provide evidence of instances of theft or property damage if legal action is to be pursued. 

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