Old houses are notorious for star wiring, which used to be an acceptable practice. However, this method is no longer commonly used due to its susceptibility to interference issues. 

When Jeremy from Jim’s Antennas Mandurah got a call from a client who was experiencing multiple internet drop-outs a day, a quick look inside their roof soon revealed the answer to their problem. Jeremy found 3 star wire joints (also known as bridge-taps) in the comms cabling. 

When a ‘star wire’ or ‘bridge-tap’ runs parallel to a modern internet modem (e.g. ADSL2)  it is reactive. This is because while internet signals predominately travel toward the modem, some will also go in the direction the bridge tap. But, because the bridge tap isn’t connected to a specific location the signal is reflected back to the modem. 

This is an issue as a delay is caused between the original signal and the reflected signal, creating interference and sometimes causing the signals to cancel each other out. This delay also tends to pass on errors into more areas of the home, creating a wide-spread problem. 

Thankfully, when fixing issue all Jeremy had to do was simply remove all of the star wire joints. And just like that, the client’s internet was up and running in no time. 

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